We specialize in technical and scientific software solutions, using state of the art technologies with a strong focus in usability and interaction design.

With 393,897 hours, during 18 years

Outstanding projects

Important projects

Connected Diagnostics

Health, InSTEDD, Diagnostics, IoT, Backend architecture, Field work

Using Crystal to power the IOU economy

Crystal, UX, fintech

Field Data Collection

InSTEDD, Data collection, Mobile, Health

Technology that thinks like a fashion editor


IVR App Builder

Mobile, InSTEDD, SMS

Paper Based Encoding

InSTEDD, SMS, IVR, Open Source, Data Collection

SMS App Builder

InSTEDD, SMS applications, SMS

Disaster Response

InSTEDD, Disaster Response, Open Source, IVR

Disease Visualization

Health Care, Data, InSTEDD

Diagnostics Visualization

Health Care, Health, InSTEDD, Molecular Diagnostics

SMS Group Chat

Open Source, InSTEDD, SMS, Group Communications

Biomedical Signals Processing

Software, Data Management, Signals Processing

Other projects

Flood Monitoring

Electronic Payments

3D Trees Generator

Flood Monitoring

Risk Mapping

Immunization Tracking

Health Vouchers

Decentralized Data Sync

SMS Gateway

Log Analysis

SMS Polls

Applicants Tracking

SMS Reminders

Data Collaboration

Unstructured Data Parsing

Crowd Micro Tasking

Emergency Response Design Workshop

Aboriginal Inclusion

Charity Crowd Funding

Content Management

Servers Monitoring