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Voices of Youth Maps is a collaboration program between UNICEF, youth communities and local governments, developed through the InSTEDD iLab LatAm.

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This initiative seeks to connect teenagers with an opportunity to document and publish risks, problems and issues of their community, working together with local governments to solve those issues and improve the quality of life.

Using digital mapping technology the platform creates a map that represents social and environmental risks (such as debris, garbage or electrical hazards). These maps are available to the public, the press, and local governments to take action.

We traveled to Brazil to work in-site with UNICEF and community members in order to improve the usability of the application and ensure that the developed solutions were useful in the context in which young people participating in the program live.

Community members, NGOs and teenagers are trained on how to use the app, how to submit risks and problems and more important why their cooperation is key to improving the quality of life of their communities. We also participated in some of these workshops providing support in training and collecting feedback on the usability of the app.

Picture 01 Working with volunteers at the UNICEF workshop in Brazil
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This is a project with high social impact, which allows young people to actively engage in improving their communities. This initiative continues to grow and expand every year. Nowadays the app, maps and the mapping tools are available in Brazil, Haiti, Argentina, Kosovo and Bhutan.

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Reports are shown on a map, and analyzed through area and filters.

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Sharing information for a certain area through embedding.

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