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Winmap is a biomedical signals processing software. It handles ECG, EEG, EMG, audio and video, capturing and analyzing the signals in real time.It provides a set of comprehensive spectral analysis including FFT, Power Spectrum and AR Modeling, filtering options, on screen display filters and notch filters for 50/60Hz, Spectrogram, and 3D EEG visualization.

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We developed a video solution for the real time electroencephalography Winmap App. One of the key requirements was that the app could synchronize video with the patient biological data in real time. Since patient capture sessions can last all night the app needed to be able to be stable against power outages to prevent losing important data.

We also created a solution for visualizing EEG in 3D.

Picture 01 This software is developed completely in .NET, most of it in C#, with some portions in C++.NET for performance optimizations. It uses DirectX as the image visualization and 3D visualization layer.
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In 2006 Brian and Nicolás traveled to Alphaville, in São Paulo, Brazil to test the system in Meditrón offices.

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In the patient capture sessions several videos are recorded automatically which then are immediately transformed in a single video which facilitates data visualization. Video collation times were reduced to almost zero as part of the optimization, maximizing the video availability in the session.

Developed in MFC with Visual C++ 6.0 the Winmap app was meant to work in Windows machines with low hardware and software requirements, so we adapted our solution to this framework.

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Signals from different sensors are captured and analyzed.



Clinicians use signal analysis to understand sleep disorders in patients.


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