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DineroMail is an online e-payments service, leader in Argentina, Mexico, Brasil, Chile and Colombia.

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We worked closely with their designers and content managers to completely re-design their web page. After the success of the deployment of the new site we provided a detailed performance report on the back end service, followed by a complete rearchitecture and reimplementation of the platform.

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DineroMail’s web page, with specialized contents for different countries, offers over fifty pages with information on the provided services, the benefits for sellers, the advertised solutions, frequent questions, etc.

After the user has logged in, it can access all kinds of information regarding their her account, modify its personal data, view a detailed log of its purchases. The web page, developed in ASP NET MVC, interacts heavily with a web service that provides information on the current solutions, payments, user data, and more.

All content is translated to English, Spanish and Portuguese, using the gettext-cs-utils library developed at Manas, for a simple Gettext approach to i18n, which is much more scalable than the traditional resources-based solution.


The first stage consisted in detecting potential bottlenecks on the system on the event of a large number of concurrent transactions. By using JMeter for stress testing, SQL Server Profiler for analyzing database access, and JetBrains dotTrace for obtaining detailed traces of the code, we could isolate specific issues that affected performance in this scenario. The deliverable was a report covering all these findings, and suggesting further courses of action.

After this research, our architects started working closely with DineroMail to re-design the whole system’s architecture, in an ambitious project to re-write the whole platform for supporting the large user base that is growing bigger every day.

The result was a new modular architecture, designed to support a large number of concurrent users, as well as usage peaks that were common to the system, and could be developed one module at a time. This implementation is currently ongoing, with our developers working iteratively with constant feedback from DineroMail’s engineers; we are currently proudly reporting a 10x performance improvement with the new modules.

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