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Transparency is key, both inwards and outwards

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Time tracking

We start by doing the smallest possible functional thing


Chapter IV - Methodology

Wide fields coverage on more than 187 projects



Perfect gifts, every time

node.js, swift, react native, mobile, web

“Working with Manas definitely made it easier for us to talk to our current customers and also new ones: it’s so much easier to explain what we do, having visuals and a real product, it helps us take customers through the journey. They do a great job bringing to life what we’re trying to achieve.”

Katy Aucoin CEO & Founder, Dearduck


Helping soulmamas find each other

mobile, social, swift

“We feel Manas clearly knows what we’re doing, which allowed us to feel confident taking vacations, knowing perfectly well that work still gets done. I guess if I had to sum it up, we don’t have to babysit them. And we did have to babysit every other dev team we tried.”

Amanda Ducach CEO & Founder, SocialMama


Using Crystal to power the IOU economy

Crystal, UX, fintech

“We became aware of Manas.Tech, the company where Crystal was born and ended up talking to its founder, Nicolás di Tada. We were surprised to learn that Nico had a deep interest in monetary theory and alternative financial systems. He immediately understood and enthusiastically embraced the Sikoba project. This eventually resulted in the technology partnership between sikoba and Manas.Tech that is bringing the sikoba vision to life.”

Alex Kampa Founder & Director, Sikoba


Technology that thinks like a fashion editor


“It’s very very rare to have a team that doesn’t do what you tell them to do, but listens and comes back with “hey, why don’t we do it this way?” or “we went ahead and did this”. One, you feel you’re hiring, the other feels like family.”

Brandon Holley CEO & Founder, Everywear


Diagnostics Visualization

Health Care, Health, InSTEDD, Molecular Diagnostics

“Thanks to the agile approach and the positive team attitude we delivered a product that was functional and high quality. Every time a problem would arise, everyone on the team would say “no problem, we will find a solution”, and that attitude was key to the success of the project. Also, Manas set up a good structure to collaborate technically and for communication, and thanks to that, the distance between our teams (France, US & Argentina) wasn’t a barrier.”

Jan Steuperaert Cepheid's Former Vice President of Global Data Management


Connected communities

Android, iOS, Swift, Kotlin, SwiftUI, Firebase, AWS Amplify

"Having an engineering background, this was one of the best projects I’ve been involved with, in terms of the amount of effort dedicated to this, the communication and responsiveness."

Adrian Gillete CEO & Founder, LocalBuzz


Data-Driven Healthcare Delivery

django, react, desktop

"I'm very satisfied with Manas, as is made clear by hiring the team for a second phase. They're a team that goes out on the field and plays. There is no need to supervise them; one provides a vision, but Manas knows what to do and how.”

Luciano Tourn CEO & Founder, Wuru

Powered by Crystal

We are incredibly proud to be able to deliver solutions in a programming language built by our own team, which follows the learnings of over 20 years of experience in software development at Manas.

Our locations

Though we like having a shared space where we can get together, working remotely with a distributed team allows us to hire talented people from all over the world and stay close to our clients wherever they are.

Buenos Aires Bridge

Buenos Aires, AR

Av. del Libertador 550 3º, Vicente López


Montevideo, UY

Alejandro Chucarro 1040


Seatle Tower

Seattle, US

300 Lenora Street #1541

WA 98121

Toronto Tower

Toronto, CA

3080 Yonge Street, Suite 6060


Our team

We are a group of result driven go-getters. If something doesn't work, we fix it. If a solution doesn't exist, we create it. Every rule and guideline is up for debate, and as everything we do at Manas our culture is a continual work in progress.

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