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Bioinformatics services

Our team, led by Leandro Radusky, brings expertise evidenced by a rich portfolio of publications and applications. We offer specialized bioinformatics services and pipeline development focused in organism target prioritization, structural analysis & engineering, and virtual screening & docking, tailored to accelerate your research and development projects.

Organism target prioritization 1

Our proficiency in organism target prioritization is underscored by our extensive publication record on human and cattle pathogens. We excel in building advanced pipelines and interactive websites, demonstrating our ability to manage and integrate vast datasets from varied sources (NGS, functional data, structural data, etc). Our work encapsulates the development and deployment of sophisticated bioinformatics tools and platforms, enabling the seamless identification of potential therapeutic targets.

Key Services:

Structural analysis & engineering 2

Our structural analysis and engineering services are distinguished by our significant contributions to the field, underscored by our development of innovative tools such as VarQ, FoldX, and pyFoldX. These contributions underscore our expertise in analyzing the impact of protein mutations, engineering proteins and other biomolecules for enhanced functionality, and manipulating biomolecules for precise applications.

Key Services:


Virtual screening and docking 3

Our virtual screening and docking capabilities are exemplified by the development of LigQ and the Mycobacterium tuberculosis Protein's Druggability Database, demonstrating our ability to identify and assess potential therapeutic compounds.

Key Services:

1. Organism target prioritization
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2. Structural analysis & engineering
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3. Virtual screening and docking
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