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Wúru is a health-analytics provider, whose platform leverages data and algorithms to enhance the productivity of healthcare providers and create better experiences for patients. Founded in 2019 and led by Luciano Tourn, their platform feeds on millions of data points originating from patients’ itineraries to provide healthcare workers with critical information that drives smarter and faster decisions, allowing them to invest more time in the patient instead of administrative procedures.

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Requirements & Context

Wúru’s clients are hospitals and health centers that need to optimize the use of their resources, particularly the scheduling of operating rooms. Other calendar tools available were not tailored to the specific needs of these types of organizations, and they often created more workloads or generated costly errors.

The team at Wúru had a clear vision of how to solve this problem and hired us to help them speed up the development process.

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The first challenge was the definition of the technology stack and libraries that could support the type of sophisticated calendar Wúru wanted to create.

The Magic Calendar integrates with the hospital’s system and displays all of its operating rooms, personnel, and instruments. What’s magic about the Magic Calendar is that it uses the hospital’s records to provide estimation insights on the average duration of each procedure, and suggests where and when to perform it, to make the best use of the institution’s resources. Additionally, as the surgeries get scheduled in the Magic Calendar, it becomes food for the AI learning model, continuously improving the forecasting and accuracy.

Operating rooms utilization

Improving the utilization through the Magic Calendar AI.

Slot selection

Selecting a calendar slot from the Magic Calendar AI recommendations.

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The Magic Calendar was implemented in several hospitals across Latin America and Spain, proving a successful tool for replacing the use of spreadsheets and reducing repetitive manual tasks, resulting in an improvement in many different administrative procedures in hospitals.


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