"I'm very satisfied with Manas, as is made clear by hiring the team for a second phase. They're a team that goes out on the field and plays. There is no need to supervise them; one provides a vision, but Manas knows what to do and how."

Luciano Tourn

CEO & Founder

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Wúru is a health-analytics provider, whose platform leverages data and algorithms to enhance the productivity of healthcare providers and create better experiences for patients. Founded in 2019 and led by Luciano Tourn, their platform feeds on millions of data points originated from patients’ itineraries to provide healthcare workers with critical information that drives smarter decisions.

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Requirements & Context

In its early days, the company focused on getting user feedback to evolve their product, which allowed them to grow fast and position their brand. But they were aware that they needed to formalize a structure for the further evolution of their platform in order to scale, especially after COVID-19 made it clear that health institutions would need to make a more intensive use of their data to survive and thrive.

The early version of the Wúru platform collected datapoints on operating room procedures and processed it to deliver actionable information to the care team through a web app built on Django and React, integrating a visualization engine implemented on PowerBI.

Facing the next stage of their growth, Wúru recruited DMO, a design and innovation company, to help them outline a clear roadmap for their platform. When the time came to find a tech partner to develop the new platform, DMO recommended Manas, after having recently completed a project together.

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The first step in our collaboration with Wúru was to jointly conduct a quick analysis of effort and business value for each area of functionality. That allowed us to devise a work plan in short phases to deliver incremental versions of a working product ready to be used.

The first milestone in our collaboration was delivering a PoC in 3 weeks, to present at Startup Chile 2020, in late November 2020. We developed a preliminary version of the WúruApp, that could send out WuruTips to health professionals with advice, actionable recommendations and alerts.

Next, and continuing along the lines of Wúru’s work with DMO we expanded on the PoC and iterated the web app around a conversational lens:


Alerts allow users to set up notifications they want to receive about certain events. They can be configured individually, but can also be sent out to groups by admins. We integrated with Twilio to send these alerts via Whatsapp.


WuruTips, on a similar note, is a service through which Wúru communicates timely insights that arise from the continuous analysis of datastreams to hospital staff.


Dashboards provide a customized overview of trends for different areas of medical activity

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The development of the Wúru App took a little over 1500 hours and was completed with a deviation of less than 4%. In the client’s words: "a deviation of only 4% in a software project is absolutely unprecedented". This was partly thanks to being 100% transparent and handling scope in a very agile way, pulling and adding things as the project drifted or changes emerged.

We used Svelte.js and FastAPI, aiming to make the platform as customizable as possible, so as to facilitate the onboarding of new clients, and to improve the overall experience of users. We also added an unplanned feature: an integration with Office 365’s authentication service that allowed Wúru’s customers to login to the app using their corporate account.

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Starting April 2021, the Wuru App is being used for sending WuruTips and Alerts to all of Wúru’s customers, which has reportedly enhanced the communication with healthcare professionals and the circuits for providing useful insights in a timely manner. Two of those customers are also using Wuru’s integrated authentication through Office 365, so that they don’t have to remember yet another user/password.

The next challenge in this young startup’s path is to assemble their in-house engineering team, with the help of Manas. Wúru successfully completed its seed round of financing in April, and will use the funds to continue its international expansion and to accelerate the development of its product roadmap. They expect to continue collaborating with Manas as they advance their mission of improving healthcare through data driven insights.


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