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Remindem was developed together with InSTEDD with the aim to provide support and information in the form reminders to different groups. Use cases include health tips for expecting mothers based on which week of pregnancy they are, study and homework objectives for students, immunization reminders to parents tailored to their children’s age to ensure no vaccinations are missed, etc.

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Begin by creating a list of messages and choosing a custom keyword that people will text to a phone number to subscribe. A time interval can be optionally assigned to each of the messages in the list. When a user subscribes, the clock starts ticking, and he or she will receive each message at the specified time. If the messages are not linked to a specific timeline, such as helpful tips for managing a chronic illness, Remindem can send them randomly.

Remindem requires a mobile phone to receive signup texts and send out reminders, though the Web app is used to create messages and schedule their delivery. To begin sending reminders, just download the free Nuntium application to an Android-powered phone (or to a computer, if an Android phone is not available), making sure the phone has credit, Internet access, and mobile reception. Once the phone is connected to our server wirelessly or via the computer, Remindem automatically sends text messages to subscribers on the specified schedule.

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You can read more at InSTEDD's website or check the public code repository at Github.

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