Portrait of Jonathan Kicillof
since joining on Jan 2011
Portrait of Gustavo Giráldez
since joining on Feb 2013


As a kid, Joni wanted to be a mason, fascinated by the idea of making buildings from scratch. He also spent countless hours drawing, and eventually became the official birthday card maker for his whole family.

After dabbing into drawing in high school, he considered studying advertising or graphic design in college and, more out of curiosity than conviction, he decided for the latter. He fell in love with it and, after getting his degree, he started teaching at the university and hasn’t stopped since.

He met Nico two decades ago on his first job, and met him again years later on a bus. From that moment on, Joni has been the mastermind behind the visual identity of Manas, first as a contractor, then as part of the organization. A lifelong learner, nowadays he also began programming and is having loads of fun doing it.

Humor runs constantly in the background of Jonathan’s mind, and he enjoys a good play on words, almost as much as he loves going camping with his two sons, and practicing kung fu with his eldest, Ivan.

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