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Tugboat offers the first mobile experience to manage Docker Cloud accounts for iPhone and iPod users.

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Requirements & Context

Tugboat was developed purely because Manas’ own engineers wanted a way to manage Docker deployments from a single screen, and with the possibility to do it on the move.

Since scratching one’s own itch is a valid way framework to create useful products, we figured the app would appeal to organizations who, just like us, had to juggle several clients on Docker.

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We were using a service called Docker Cloud, that didn’t have a mobile interface, so we figured we’d built it ourselves using Swift. Thus Tugboat was born. We wanted to enable on-the-go access to some of Docker Cloud’s services: mainly monitoring Docker containers.

Tugboat is a mobile app that connects directly to Docker Cloud’s APIs, without the need for any services in between.

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Shortly after being released in the AppStore, Docker Cloud shut down, so our little Tugboat was left to drift :(

With Tugboat users were able to:

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