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7 Horizons is an organization method that helps you set time aside to work on specific goals.

This project was born as yet another scratch to one of our itches: since we’re constantly trying out new ways to rearrange the way we work, to get a better output for our input, we figured that maybe someone else out there could benefit from this method.

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The general idea was ”Ok, let’s see if there’s interest, and if there is, then we’ll develop an app for it”.

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Nico wrote the content, Joni designed it, and the whole thing got built as a one page website, and into an ebook.


The grid is a simple way to schedule time in your calendar to work on each of your horizons in any way you prefer, and keep track of your progress.



The ebook is a ready-to-consume compilation of this beautiful presentation crafted by Joni.

Presentation 01 Presentation 02 Presentation 03 Presentation 04 Presentation 05
Presentation 06 Presentation 07 Presentation 08 Presentation 09 Presentation 10
Presentation 11 Presentation 12 Presentation 13 Presentation 14 Presentation 15
Presentation 16 Presentation 17 Presentation 18 Presentation 19 Presentation 20

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