Portrait of Nicolás di Tada
since founding Manas on Jun 2003
Portrait of Clara Sánchez Puyade

Clara Sánchez Puyade

Billing Coordinator & Bookkeeper

Billing Coordinator & Bookkeeper

since joining on Dec 2010


Nico is part of the scaffolding of Manas: he contributes to the company’s values, the structure and the processes. It’s because of his ideas that Manas has such an innovative way of looking at work.

His long-time vision makes experimenting with processes a real possibility, and he enjoys going against average company protocol until everyone in the company is happy. His everlasting calmness in the face of experiments provides everyone with a safe environment for embracing change and working the best way they can.

He is always willing to partake in tasks which no one else enjoys and as such deals with finances and keeping the inside of the office separate from the messy outside world.

He leads both devs and leaders and helps people reach their desired roles and potential. Always careful about everyone’s happiness, he is willing to hear and respond to every opinion.

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