Portrait of Diego Liberman
since joining on Apr 2019
Portrait of Ana Pérez Ghiglia

Ana Pérez Ghiglia

since joining on Oct 2019


Diego naturally flows towards the organization of things. His impeccable timing, clear communication and pragmatic approach make him the go-to person for keeping things on track and showing the way. His appointment as Manas’ CEO was a no-brainer.

He has nearly two decades of experience in the software industry, during which he has been in charge of many development teams, parting his time between coding, pre-sales, project and product management, customer relations and the oversight of team dynamics.

Diego is, and always has been, involved in sports: he loves to play soccer (at one point, he was the goalie for three teams, simultaneously) and also dabbles in paddle, tennis and swimming, along with studying theater and playing video games.

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