Portrait of Martín Verzilli

Martín Verzilli

since joining on Jan 2023


It's remarkably hard to find an excellent software development generalist that also excels at several specialties. Martin is one of those rare finds. As one of our best User Experience designers, he consistently advocates for putting the needs of end users first. Martín is also a great software developer with almost two decades of experience. His master thesis was on Cardiac Arrhythmia simulations. Lately, he has become interested in Deep Learning and spent some time writing a Matlab-inspired library for Crystal.

Martín is an honest friend, a good listener and is always willing to take more than his share of effort for the team. Those qualities make him an excellent team leader and project manager, another of the roles he plays with mastery.

When not juggling the many roles he enjoys at Manas, he can be found studying classical piano or playing volleyball for his club in Amsterdam.

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