I'm glad to announce the first Beta Release of Neyun has been oficially launched!

Neyun is a web application which lets you navigate and query through all your pictures, emails, messages, videos and links, no matter if they come from your RSS feeds or your Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Digg or Del.icio.us accounts.

Neyun automatically imports your data and extracts tags from it. Then you can visualize it in an homogeneous way, just like if it all came from the same application. You'll have a tag cloud where you'll find all these extracted tags. Using them, you'll be able to filter your data: you can select one of them to see all its elements, or intersect two of them to see which elements are tagged with both.

But these are not the only ways of filtering your data. By activating the "timeline view" you'll be able to see the elements matching your criteria ordered above a timeline, which gives you the ability to see when an element has been added at a glimpse.

If these filters are not enough, you can do a full text search over the elements.

Neyun also extracts relations between your elements. So, let's say you are browsing a Facebook contact's profile (let's call him John Doe... pretty creative I am), you can see John's pictures, events, etc, listed in the same place. So, what if you have a picture of your boyfriend in Flickr and somebody else of your Facebook list uploaded another one? You'd like them to be related to your boyfriend, wouldn't you? Ok, we know Neyun is not thaaaaat smart to realize of this relation (at the moment... just give us some time to look into it :)), but you can manually set it.

I could spend hours talking about Neyun (I acknowledge I'm not very objective when I do), but why don't you try it yourself?  Go get your beta at Neyun's homepage, and let me know what you think!