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InSTEDD (Innovative Support to Emergencies, Diseases and Disasters) is a non-profit organization founded in 2006 by the renowned Dr. Larry Brilliant, and later funded by Google.org.

The organization contributes to improving quality of life for people all over the world, by identifying potential improvements in information flows and the efficacy of intersectoral collaboration. InSTEDD addresses life-threatening gaps in communication and knowledge sharing in the pursuit of improved health, livelihood and security. Their work enables a connection between those in need, and those who can provide much needed resources.

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Manas started collaborating with InSTEDD in 2007, and we have continued to deliver solutions together ever since. As their technology partner we have shipped over 60 projects with them, in more than 20 countries.

With InSTEDD bringing the international humanitarian and development sector know-how, and Manas.Tech contributing the design and software expertise, the partnership has seen both organizations building on mutual strengths.

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InSTEDD’s iLab Latin America

The iLab Latin America, InSTEDD’s second iLab, was founded in 2011 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as a joint effort by InSTEDD and Manas. The team helps NGOs, governments, social entrepreneurs, and other organizations in the region design and use collaboration technology tools to deliver critical services to vulnerable populations, while building and optimizing their technological capacities to support their humanitarian work.

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RADx Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics May 2014 present
CDx Connected Diagnostics May 2014 present
Verboice IVR App Builder Sep 2011 present
Nuntium SMS Gateway Jan 2011 present
Amplio Amplifying knowledge sharing Jan 2020 Aug 2020
Remindem SMS Reminders Sep 2011 Apr 2016
Pollit SMS Polls Sep 2011 Apr 2016
Poirot Log Analysis Dec 2013 Apr 2016
Cepheid Diagnostics Visualization Nov 2011 Apr 2016
mBuilder SMS App Builder Aug 2013 Sep 2015
Reporting Wheel Paper Based Encoding May 2012 Sep 2015
Riff Data Collaboration Nov 2013 Apr 2015
CDC Disease Visualization Apr 2012 Oct 2014
Geochat SMS Group Chat Jan 2010 Jan 2014
Watchfire Disaster Response Sep 2011 Oct 2013
Health Vouchers Health Vouchers Mar 2013
Inmuniversia Immunization Tracking Feb 2013 Jun 2013
Mesh4X Decentralized Data Sync Jan 2011 Nov 2012
Seentags Unstructured Data Parsing Jan 2010 Oct 2011
Echo Field Data Collection Apr 2011 Jul 2011
TaskMeUp Crowd Micro Tasking Dec 2010 Apr 2011

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