since he joined on May 2004


Juan is one of the most experienced developers at Manas. He has been programming even before owning a computer. With great humility, he uses his huge wealth of technical knowledge to help and train other members of the team. At Manas, he is usually designing scalable architectures, solving performance-critical issues and spreading perfection all around our work.

Juan is a natural pathfinder and we all feel safe when he is leading the way. He shines the most when he has the chance to work on problems with no immediate solution, building a solid structure for others to join and collaborate. Wise and patient, he might seem a private person. Once you get to know him and he sees the opportunity to express his ideas, he will bring well founded opinions and solutions to the team.

To unwind after a long day, Juan enjoys cooking and has delighted us several times with his skills as a chef. He is currently learning to play the piano, and is one of the proud creators of Crystal

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