since he joined on May 2005


If code magic exists, then Ary is our Wizard. He has an astonishing velocity to solve problems through programming. During his childhood Ary became familiar with software by wanting to understand how video games worked and he managed to keep that curiosity alive to always be learning something new: languages, jugglery, musical instruments, you name it.

If you need to translate something from Chinese, Japanese or French he’s the one to call. His passion for languages even led him to learn Esperanto, which is -according to him- a great ice breaker while traveling. He is calm and polite when expressing his opinions. Debating and working with him is a great experience. But make no mistake, true to his beliefs, he will not hesitate to give any sort of feedback.

Not happy with the status quo of modern programming languages, he has created Crystal and nurtured a thriving community around it.

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