Two weeks ago, Friday, was the last day in our old office. The mood was pretty nice since the new office has direct sun light and is much more comfortable, and also because every Friday, in a round-robin fashion, each one of us brings some delicious for dessert. It was my turn.

I'm not much of a cook. I checked some online recipes and finally settled on a Chocotorta, a somewhat famous pie here in Argentina that you can prepare with chocolate cookies, coffee, dulce de leche and white cheese. I wanted it to be special for this last day so I thought about decorating it with powder chocolate that would read either "Friday" or "Manas". But those words were too long and they wouldn't fit. So the closest thing that meant happiness to me but was shorter was "Ruby". :-P

Here's a picture of it. The "R" is not very clear...

2011 02 11 14.05.43

The rubycake

So here's the recipe I used:


Mix the dulce the leche and the white cheese. I also added some chocolate powder to it. We'll call this the stuffing.

Wet some chocolinas in the hot chocolate milk and with them form a rectangle, like a platform. Then put some of the stuffing on it. Then put either another platform of chocolinas or pionono. Continue until your formed three or four platforms. On top of the final platform put more sutffing. Sprinkle the chocolate powder to form the word "Ruby". Chop the peach in tiny sliced and put them around. Don't forget to put one slice in the "R"'s hole and two on the "B"'s circle. Put on the fridge. You are done!