Portrait of Andrés Atencio

Andrés Atencio

since joining on Jun 2018
Portrait of Martin Pettinati

Martin Pettinati

Marketing & Communications Lead

Marketing & Communications Lead

since joining on Nov 2018


Andi is probably best defined as a service-oriented individual. In his own words, “I like it when what I do is useful for me, and also for others”. A dedicated father, teacher and engineer, he invests himself fully in every aspect of his life. He’s an avid reader, a perennial learner and always curious about the workings of things.

He sees a stimulating parallel between programming and life sciences: software, for him, emulates a biological organism in the way it grows and develops organically. Andi has a multifaceted background, with four years studying veterinary sciences, another two studying literature, and then finally entering the tech and programming realm by way of praxis: he started coding and building things as a trainee, got hooked and then decided to shift the focus of his studies.

Last year, Andi began teaching Persistence Strategies and Interface Design at the National University of Hurlingham (UNAHUR).

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