Portrait of Francisco Tarulla

Francisco Tarulla

since joining on Oct 2017
Portrait of Martin Pettinati

Martin Pettinati

Marketing & Communications Lead

Marketing & Communications Lead

since joining on Nov 2018


Fran was sold on the power of programming when he realized he could command his VCR to record TV shows for him. From there on he has been coding on everything he could get his hands on. He likes to think of programming as a way of building tools that augment human capabilities.

Articulated and with a gentle and calm demeanor, Fran loves teaching as much as building software. He’s teaching Software Architecture –a topic close to his heart– at the University of Buenos Aires. Fran is an expert in GIS and mapping tools and is now itching to blend indoor building mapping with augmented reality.

A big fan of Alan Kay, Fran is a former drummer, recently got into biking and likes building furniture.

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