Portrait of Franco Bellomo
since joining on Jul 2019
Portrait of Ana Pérez Ghiglia

Ana Pérez Ghiglia

since joining on Oct 2019


Ever since he was little, Franco was always interested in computers. His dad gave him a copy of Kernighan and Ritchie’s book about the C programming language, and later on “Learn to think like a programmer with Python”, and that was a turning point for Franco.

During his highschool years, he formed a robotics club, where he programmed using Arduinos and in college he started programming in Python and got a couple of teachers to back him in research projects, which led to him travelling through Latin America participating in conferences.

In 2017, he moved to Buenos Aires from Rio Cuarto, Cordoba, to continue with his studies, and before joining Manas, he worked for an NGO dedicated to analysis of public data, where he had a transversal role, doing development, proposals, and some project management.

In his spare time, he enjoys board games and videogames, and lately he’s been dabbing into furniture-building.

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