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  • So we have this project in Ruby on Rails where we keep track of several reports. Now we need to do some visualizations with all those reports. We analyzed several solutions. One was using Google Fusion Tables

  • Before going into how to solve the partitioned graph coloring problem using integer linear programming (which is the goal of my thesis), I thought it would be a good idea to actually explain what is the partitioned...

  • Despite being able to simply provide a link to wikipedia's already excellent article on Linear Programming, I wanted to provide a short introduction in order to present what I am doing exactly on my thesis

  • Jun 30 2010
    Making a thesis 2.0

    Continuing with the tradition started by Beta two years ago here in Manas, I am now dedicating all my efforts to finish my thesis in order to obtain my MSc degree in Computer Science at FCEN-UBA. Having started it a few months ago, Manas...

  • Whenever one of our team member travels to another country we tell her to track expenses like food, transportation and accomodation so that later that money can be refunded. Each of us does it in a different way: we write it in a notes...