Portrait of Ismael Bejarano

Ismael Bejarano

since joining on Feb 2021
Portrait of Johannes Muller

Johannes Muller

since joining on Mar 2021


Ismael’s interest in computing began in the second grade when he got his hands on a math book that had some strange lists with graphs at the end. It seemed very sci-fi to him. He later learned they were examples of programs in Logo. His curiosity was sparked.

He was born in the province of Salta, where he went to a technical school that had an XT computer and he got his first tries at experimenting with computers. He then moved to Buenos Aires and went on to study informatic engineering in college, and shortly changed to study mathematics.

In 2004, he reunited with programming, looking to work on challenging projects. He finds great joy in cracking hard puzzles and working around complex problems, and that’s why he was such an instant match with Manas. In his spare time, Isma likes to read, go to the movies and play with Arduinos and electronics.

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