Portrait of Gustavo Giráldez
since joining on Feb 2013
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Full-stack Engineer & Site Reliability Engineer

Full-stack Engineer & Site Reliability Engineer

since joining on Sep 2013


Gustavo acquired a taste for video games at the age of 11, when his dad bought a Commodore 64. He taught himself how to program because he wanted to build his own games. He quickly outgrew the Commodore, and by the age of 17, he was already learning Linux. He enrolled in the University of Buenos Aires for Electronic Engineering and started his first business while still in college, with two other friends, doing some software development, server maintenance and putting together PCs.

He later got a job developing software for crisis management, at a government institute that worked in research for Defense. During this period, he switched careers and began studying Computer Sciences. There he met Pablo Brusco, who was at Manas at the time, and a little while later, in 2013, Gustavo joined the team. Nowadays, in addition to being in charge of the designing and implementation of one of our soon-to-be-released products, mentors PEs of all the teams, both technically and personally, and does a bit of code review when a third opinion is needed.

In his spare time, he enjoys acrobatics training, he’s a big big fan of sci-fi and, of course, still plays a lot of video games.

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