Beta Ziliani

Team Lead & Product Manager

Team Lead & Product Manager

since he joined on Apr 2021


Beta got into informatics at the age of 10, wanting to program his own computer games. He caught the bug from his dad, who was also a programmer. He then went on into electronics, with his heart set on robotics.

He arrived at Manas in 2005 after 6 years in the industry, and stayed until 2009, when the company gave him a scholarship of sorts so he could finish his thesis. After graduating, he and his wife toured Europe and soon after he moved there to get a doctorate degree in Germany. Having returned to Argentina, and settling in Cordoba with a research position, he returned to Manas to take on the role of Team Lead & Project Manager for Crystal.

Having his heart set on playing drums from a young age, he took a long detour into guitar first, and eventually reunited with his drumming passion in these past years.

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