Portrait of Alison Depsky

Alison Depsky

Product Manager & Graphic Designer

Product Manager & Graphic Designer

since joining on Jun 2022
Portrait of Cecilia Lopez

Cecilia Lopez

since joining on Jul 2022


Born in Los Angeles, Alison originally studied biology and then moved to journalism. While on a design internship abroad, she fell in love with the discipline, and got to know Argentina, and she decided to move into both.

When the internship was over, she moved to San Francisco, where she worked as a freelance designer, doing branding and data analytics for several firms in Silicon Valley. She then returned to Argentina, where she collaborated with a civic-tech and data-journalism NGO.

At Manas, Alison has a double role as a Product Manager and Graphic Designer. While she is reluctant to call herself a foodie, she likes trying new dishes and even had her own brand of hot sauce. She would like to travel more, and is currently getting a Masters Degree in International Relations.

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