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  • How does a company tell whether a candidate is the perfect fit for the job, and for the team? At Manas we like doing things our own way, even if it goes against the industry norm. We never rush our hiring process: nothing's more important than making sure every new member of the team is the right fit for us (and that we are the right fit for them!).

  • Apr 21 2016
    On joining Manas

    A very important question arises when you're applying for a job: Is this the right place for me? Doubts, expectations, anxiety and hopes you feel make finding a job a totally unique experience worth sharing. Especially if it's your first one! This blogpost is about the way I met Manas and how were my first days working with my colleagues.

  • We set up a Hackathon to built a one-day mobile app for iOS and Android, in order to test drive Facebook's React Native.

  • Crystal was born in June 2011 when Ary took the challenge to prove if it was possible to have a compiled Ruby-like language. The name back then was “Joy”, though three days later it was changed to Crystal. At first Crystal was just the result of the experiment.

  • Programming is a tool that can be used for a wide range of problems. Usually we code solutions for our clients, sometimes we build applications for ourselves. Programs don’t always need to be products at all, they can act as tiny pieces towards a larger objective.