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  • You know that in C++ a template instatiation like: Foo> is problematic to parse. Nevertheless, Java seems to repeat history and chosed the same simbols for it's generics, but...

  • Oct 7 2008
    Location Extraction

    In this post I'll describe I have been doing for Instedd during the last couple of weeks. In one of the projects we have we need to classify a series of articles depending on the geographical location they are talking about. This process...

  • Yesterday I spent some time reading about Haskell implementations of Monads because I want to prepare some exercise. I share some links and snippets. http://www.haskell...

  • I've written a simple class to allow adding autocomplete to a TextBox. An example of how to use it is: In the XAML file:

  • Last Monday I had the opportunity to join Brian Cardiff at OneDay Santander to give a conference on ASP.NET and Ajax. OneDay Santander was an event organized by Microsoft Argentina attended by Banco Santander's IT team.