Portrait of Caspian Baska

Caspian Baska

since joining on Oct 2022
Portrait of Martín Verzilli

Martín Verzilli

since joining on Jan 2023


Caspian fell in love with programming because, as a tool, it works as a lens for different topic areas: he used it in his chemistry work, for hardware, for math modeling, you name it. He began programming as a teenager, doing 3D printing, remote control robots and other stuff he played around with and experimented with.

His initial vector was chemistry: he lives for that moment when everything clicks and loves making sense of things. Then, chemistry presented some barriers as to how far one can experiment without getting injured, and computer science offered a good way to catalyze that impulse.

Caspian is a fan of generative concepts in science, programming and art, and can be found downhill skateboarding or circling around improvised electroacoustic music.

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