Bolo Michelin

Full-stack Engineer & Product Manager

Full-stack Engineer & Product Manager

since joining on Jan 2023


Bolo began coding at the age of 5, as a game she played with her brother, introduced to it by their father, who was also an engineer. They coded basic ping pong games and stuff like that and found it super entertaining, and that never stopped. She has always felt that coding was more like an activity she does to relax or pass the time than a job she has to do.

Along her career, she moved through various roles, developing software, leading teams and designing products, among others. Her approach is to find ways to help the company she works for, and that meant a great fit with the way Manas functions.

Bolo has been a digital nomad since she was 18, and has traveled the world working. She speaks French, English and Spanish, and divides her time between gardening and muay thai.

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