Portrait of Mekhla Mukherjee
since joining on Feb 2023


Mekhla brings to Manas and Crystal her 12 years of expertise in customer service, product UI testing, user experience research and community development. Her core passion lies in engaging with tech communities and she strongly believes an engaged and informed community has immense capabilities in contributing to the advancements in technology in the modern world.

Mekhla loves to travel and cook for her family with a keen passion towards music.

She goes by the philosophy that if you love what you do, you wouldn’t have to work a day in life and so she has never thought of community development as work but more of a lifestyle choice to meet and engage with people. This strongly bodes well with her role at Manas as the Community Manager for Crystal where Mekhla is on point with her learnings with the Crystal community each day to take this amazing language to the next level.

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