Portrait of Lucila Bruno

Lucila Bruno

Office Manager & Billing Coordinator

Office Manager & Billing Coordinator

since joining on Oct 2006
Portrait of Clara Sánchez Puyade

Clara Sánchez Puyade

Billing Coordinator & Bookkeeper

Billing Coordinator & Bookkeeper

since joining on Dec 2010


Lucila started working at Manas more than 10 years ago and since then she has become part of the backbone of our organization. Lu plays many roles ranging from receptionist to office manager, and working with Clara she also runs the accounting and financial administration. As a true friend, she always goes the extra mile to take care of us and make sure everybody is comfortably set to do their best.

As an arts-major, Lu brings a great balance to our culture. She is also a music teacher at an elementary school and a musicophile. Lu is extremely responsible, organized and very patient.

Being at Manas from before most of us, she knows everyone’s history, likes and dislikes, and personalities. You will find her everyday with a positive attitude, greeting everyone who arrives at the office with a big smile.

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