Portrait of Johannes Muller
since joining on Mar 2021
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Team Lead & Product Manager

Team Lead & Product Manager

since joining on Apr 2021


Johannes began his programming career in high school with Java and the web stack, writing HTML and JavaScript even before having a home internet connection, and teaching fellow students at the school's computer science club.

Since falling in love with Ruby he has gathered 10 years of experience, especially with Ruby on Rails for web development and never looked back at good old PHP.

When he encountered Crystal, he became intrigued by the happy developer experience and the superb performance, and started contributing to the language on his own, later joining Manas as a principal engineer of the Crystal project, driving forward the development of the language, its Open Source community and ecosystem.

He is based in the heart of Germany, about an hour north of Frankfurt. He plays handball, loves making music and plays several instruments (guitar, electric bass, cajón, drums). Occasionally, he dabbles in his second career as a sound engineer, event technician and photographer.

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