Daniela Mibashan

since she joined on Sep 2018


Born in Canada and raised in Argentina, Dani is a digital native who got into technology early on, by way of her grandpa, an electronics engineer. She graduated as an electronics technician from ORT, where she dipped a toe in embedded programming and took her first steps into teaching in the ICT lab.

She took a break from that world and went on to study creative advertising, but found that she was missing the technical leg. A friend suggested multimedia arts, and that turned out to be, quite like Dani, a perfect combo of technology and creativity.

In between crafting award-winning interactive art installations and weaving threads behind our website’s beautiful interface, Dani finds time for swing, blues and balboa dancing, playing cello and even learning tango. She is currently working on her thesis on the conservation and restoration of new media art, based in electronics and multimedia.

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