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Born and Raised at Manas

What started as an experiment from Manas labs in June 2011 has grown far more than we’d expected: it has been dubbed the most promising programming language of 2018 by BlockVue’s CTO, and forecasted with a bright future by TechBeacon, among others. The Crystal community has contributors from all over the world, having built over 3500 public libraries, and gathering more than 13000 stargazers. Several companies have built part of their tech stack using Crystal, achieving large performance improvements, while retaining maintainability.

At Manas we have a dedicated team working on Crystal as part of our open source efforts, constantly improving the language and providing support, as well as helping guide the community efforts, in order to steer the language into the right direction and widen its adoption.

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We are here to help

Besides the open community channels, where you can find most of your questions answered by other Crystal users, you can count on us for enterprise-level support and consulting services if you are implementing your project in Crystal.

We are glad to work assisting your developer teams in getting started, defining the stack, or just helping with any issues encountered. You can tap into the expertise of the very creators of the language to guide you in your implementation.

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We are incredibly proud to be able to deliver solutions in a language built by our own team, which follows the learnings of over 16 years of experience in software development at Manas.

Nevertheless, we first and foremost stand by the rule of using the right tool for every problem; as such, we will be happy to recommend Crystal for the right scenarios, but will not hesitate to suggest a different option if it is a better fit for your needs.

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About Crystal

Crystal’s programmer-friendly syntax was heavily drawn from Ruby, thus feeling natural to read and easy to write as well, granting high productivity to development teams. The addition of compile-time static type checks provides an additional safety layer which proves invaluable in larger code-bases, a problem faced by several long-running projects built on dynamic languages. And above all, Crystal runs blazingly fast, with a very low memory footprint.


Ruby’s most famed for its beautiful syntax, that allows developers to write code incredibly fast, being great for fast-starting most projects. Crystal syntax was drawn directly from Ruby’s, inheriting all of these traits.


Several mainstream dynamic languages are currently adding type-checking features to aid developers when working with large codebases - Crystal has type-checks built from the ground-up, thus even preventing dreadful null pointer exceptions, with the added benefit of global type inference to reduce verbosity.

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Crystal community

Since its birth in 2015, a pretty active community formed around Crystal, and it kept growing strong all these years thanks to everyone making great contributions to the project.

There’s also an official Crystal forum where the community and the core team keep in touch to share experiences, find support, and generally help Crystal move forward.

Open source

This project is Open Source, we invite you to collaborate and join us in the development of a better world through the use of technology.


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