From chaos to roadmap

The science behind product design, innovation and creativity

There are countless books on product design and innovation. Why write or read another one?
We have been doing product design and facilitating discovery workshops for almost 20 years. We have used different frameworks, methodologies, worked with small boutique design studios and huge ones. We’ve read dozens of books and applied their ideas. But there has always been something missing.
And we bet you felt that too.

The pivotal moment of insight in product design is a huge undertaking and one very poorly understood. To our knowledge, there is no well documented method to get out of that mess. And that’s the problem we started to work on.

How can we follow a methodological approach that enables the space for creativity but contains it and guides it towards a clear conclusion?
How can we offer product teams a step by step process that they can trust to produce a sensible outcome?
How can we remove the need for a product visionary or a collective a-ha moment and still obtain crazily unexpected innovation ideas?

Answering those questions is what this book is about.

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