Our culture is intentional - we design it. It embodies our purpose. It is the substrate on which all other good things happen.

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How we work, why we work, and who we are

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We recognize that each individual is a unique contributor. We deliver the best of us when we have autonomy and agility.

Every single one of us participates in the hiring process and salary raises. Everyone can spend money for their own well being, for training or for any project need that may arise. We all choose which projects to join and for how long. We go on vacations when we need them and for the duration that makes sense. We work from where we prefer: mostly from our office, sometimes from home, others on the road.

We strive everyday to align our policies and systems with the goals of our team and customers. We are constantly reducing unnecessary overhead and increasing the creative freedom of our teams. Manas is the vehicle for our work, not something that needs to be managed.

The result? When you hire us, you get a team of unique individuals, that chose to work with you. We don't "staff" your project. Your team is empowered and has everything they need to succeed. We deliver the best of our expertise and creativity while we work with joy in the challenges you brought.

Chapter II - Meta-mission


Made to update salaries and provide feedback

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Compensations without intermediation


3.14 jacuzzis full of coffee

You won’t be able to watch TV while the coffee maker grinds due to EMI

Traveled distance

7.47 travels to the moon

An important part of our work is travelling. So much so that every year we get a little closer 1 to Mars.
1. Plotted on a logarithmic scale, we seem closer than we actually are.


Spent on more than 240 different locations

In many situations our work requires a deep understanding of the context and spending quality face-to-face time with our users. We have been lucky to have worked all over the world, and we also enjoy spending time off visiting different places and learning from other cultures. Here’s a view of where our travels have taken us. Find more about our vacations policy at Chapter XII - Vacations


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