Continuing with the tradition started by Beta two years ago here in Manas, I am now dedicating all my efforts to finish my thesis in order to obtain my MSc degree in Computer Science at FCEN-UBA. Having started it a few months ago, Manas generously started sponsoring my work in May, so I can deal with the last steps in the project and give it the finishing touch it deserves.

This work gives Manas Research division a very different direction than the one Beta gave it. Whereas his work was in the field of lambda calculus, my thesis is in operations research, integer linear programming to be more specific, dealing with a generalization of the graph coloring problem.

During these weeks I will be blogging about linear programming in general and the scope of my thesis, but for now I will upload the presentation I gave during the first days of June in the last ALIO/INFORMS joint meeting that took place in Buenos Aires so you can get a preview of what has been done so far.