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Read about our day to day discoveries, the trips we take around the world, our personal developments and news about the things we do at Manas.

  • A few weeks ago, we were lucky to visit Rio de Janeiro. We were invited to lead a workshop with users of the Voices of Youth app to gather information and ideas towards building a new and improved version.

  • Enhancing shapefiles with metadata extracted from the Geonames database, mixing simple Ruby and Python scripts along with PostgreSQL's PostGIS extension.

  • Oct 7 2008
    Location Extraction

    In this post I'll describe I have been doing for Instedd during the last couple of weeks. In one of the projects we have we need to classify a series of articles depending on the geographical location they are talking about. This process...

  • The Google Maps API provides a number of methods to make it easier to accomplish this task. One only has to take the time to explore them and think how to combine them to get the solution. It's not a hard thing...