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  • Lessons learned and highlights from the first Crystal Language CodeCamp

  • Dec 27 2016
    End of 2016

    Here are some of the top moments and achievements that made 2016 a year to remember.

  • Since we started building our new site I’ve learned a lot, the easy and the hard way. Here’s some of it.

  • How does a company tell whether a candidate is the perfect fit for the job, and for the team? At Manas we like doing things our own way, even if it goes against the industry norm. We never rush our hiring process: nothing's more important than making sure every new member of the team is the right fit for us (and that we are the right fit for them!).

  • Crystal was born in June 2011 when Ary took the challenge to prove if it was possible to have a compiled Ruby-like language. The name back then was “Joy”, though three days later it was changed to Crystal. At first Crystal was just the result of the experiment.