María Inti David

María Inti David

Team News September/October 2015

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Nov 5 2015
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Nov 5 2015

These past two months have been great: Good news, new team members and a lot of traveling.

Mati came back from India with interesting stories and spicy snacks. A few days later he headed out with Vale to Rio de Janeiro to work on some new ideas to take Voices of Youth Maps to the next level.


We also enjoyed organic fruit that came just in time for the first days of Spring.

We welcomed Inti, who joined the team in September to work in the Marketing department as our Engagement Manager.

We celebrated our 80th Sweet Friday with a delicious Pastafrola brought by Mariano.

Mauri got married in September 21st (the first day of Spring). Congratulations! This marks the begining of wedding season in Manas as we got the news that Ary is next, congrats to you too!

We celebrated the birthdays of Mati, Martín and Vale. We also celebrated Brium's (our youngest team member) fourth birthday.


October ends with the team enjoying the first days of Spring in Vicente López, working on exciting projects and starting to plan out goals for 2016.

See you next time!

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