Ary Borenszweig

Ary Borenszweig

Neyun: an awesome way to visualize your content

visualization, amazon web services, neyun
3 min
Mar 12 2009

As you might already read here and here, the beta release of Neyun is finally with us!

In a nutshell: it's a web application that allows you to extract your emails, contacts, photos, videos and more from services like Gmail, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and see them all at once.

So... why use Neyun when you already have access to all these services in their websites? Well, Neyun allows you do do some things you can't do otherwise, for example:

  • Since all your information is accessible in a single place you can search over all your content at once and find results in your emails, photos, videos, etc.
  • Even wanted to search photos in Facebook? Just connect your Facebook account to Neyun and search!
  • Want to see your friends' birthdays in a nice way? Turn on the timeline and drag the "Contact" icon to the left.
  • Want to see some photos in a cool way? First search or filter your content as you wish and then turn on Cool Iris. For me, that's one of the coolest features in Neyun.
  • See a tag cloud of all your content.
  • Explore all your stuff in a timeline so you can quickly see, for example, which mails and twitters your receieved, and which photos you uploaded when you graduated.

I must say I'm pretty excited about this new application. I think you'll love it, specially if you are into all this cool applications.

There are sure a lot of other nice things you can do with Neyun. If you find something cool you can do with it please send me a comment!